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When you advertise with Kostcutter you aren’t just buying an ad. You’re securing a place in a community that is looking for your services and products.

When your ads are seen in the Kostcutter Community Media publications, and the Kostcutter Website, you will be building lasting relationships and long term customer retention within your Community.

People are talking and connecting now more than ever in so many different ways – successful businesses participate within their communities.

The Kostcutter Community is different in that our readers will look specifically for places to spend that are in touch with their goals and values.

Ways to Connect in the Community

You can connect with our readers in the following ways:

  • Schedule a featured blog article about your business or service.
  • Advertise on our website with a digital ad, or a business listing in our directory.
  • Advertise locally in our Community Media publications.

Contact us at to receive a media kit and rate sheet or just to find out what the best options are for your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an important member of the Kostcutter Community and start growing your business relationships!


Kostcutter was created by Keller Communications to meet the growing demand for consumers to be able to interact with business owners and grow a community that is beneficial to any business wanting to have a better connection with their customers.

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